At the request of a member, i will certainly share my listings of Origin/ Destination codes. These will be linked to minimize Wiki space and give the user the opportunity to look them over at his leisure. A reminder that one source may or may not be the same as another. This list does NOT include some of the various local and yard work codes that we use. Ill amend this list for those at a later time.

BNSF Symbols (source 1):[442]BNSF%20Train%20Symbols.pdf

BNSF Symbols (source 2):

BNSF & UP Symbols: (source 3):

UP Symbols:

UP Symbols (source 2):


Local and Yard Symbols:


BORON Job: (Job Originates out of BAR, proceeds to Boron on the Mojave Sub, switches out and then returns to BAR):

(BOR) NA: is Boron North American. North American is a siding on the south side of the main (compass south), west of the west Boron Switch (compass West) that generally sends out and receives anywhere from 5 to 20 hoppers. Road units may work Boron (NA). Generally I switch NA first when doing this job, but that's completely up to the crew.

BOR: is the US Borax Plant which is a set of sidings (with a *very* long lead track) on the North side (compass North) of the Boron siding. In that cut, you should have boxcars, hoppers and acid tanks. People work Boron in different ways but I prefer to go to the plant, pull the outbounds and return them to the Boron siding, then shove the inbounds back to the Plant and set them out. Road units may go ***to*** the Plant, but may ***only*** enter what is called the "Fence Track", which is the track all the way to the left as you are approaching the Plant. The single switcher assigned to the Plant works the other 5 tracks and does not leave the Plant. That switcher is assigned three separate tricks to move cars around according to the BAR Switching District Matrix and will be approved by an Admin. The BORON Local *only* pulls the outbound cars from the Fence Track and then spots the inbounds. If you are working the Local, please do *not* work tracks 2-6.


MOJAVE Jobs: (Jobs originate and terminate at MOJ:

OAK CREEK OB (Outbound): Oak Creek will *generally* be the light grey hoppers that are spotted in the Mojave Yard. The Oak Creek outbound job gathers those up and shoves them out onto the tail of the Mojave Wye which is South of the Yard. (Compass South) Once there, the cars are deleted.

OAK CREEK IB (Inbound). When this job is called, there will be a download for the inbound cars. Spawn the cut and then bring them into the Yard, sorting them as necessary.

TEHACHAPI: The Tehachapi job services both the Cement Plant at Monolith and the 770 Plant at Summit. For the Cement Plant, there should be a set of hoppers tagged for outbound destinations under the silo loader. Pull those and put them into your Local. Between the mains you will find a cut of hoppers, some of which should be tagged for spotting under the loader. Pull those from that cut and spot them. Moving on to the 770 plant at the top of the hill, the same thing applies. There should be several boxcars tagged for outbound destinations. Pull those and put them into your Local. Any empty boxcars tagged "770" can be spotted at the Plant. NOW you are ready to turn back and go to MOJ. *Remember* that these tracks are directional at this location. Consult your maps and figure out how you want to get the power to the South (compass East) end. Its tricky, but it can be done without violating any rules. Any shove moves are made at 10 MPH. Once back in MOJ, sort your cars accordingly.

LONE PINE: The Lone Pine job will *generally* be the orange hoppers and will originate in MOJ, cross over both mains and highway 66 and then proceeds out the very long lead North (also compass North). There you will find a cut of cars with outbound tag destinations. Pull those and bring them back to the MOJ Yard. Then get on the South (compass East) end of the outbound cut and shove it to the end of the Lone Pine Branch (where you just pulled the outbound cars from). Set them out and return to MOJ. Sort your cars accordingly.


These are *general* track assignments and not carved in stone.

NORTH (Compass West) End

1: Lone Pine (Orange Hoppers)

2: Oak Creek (Grey Hoppers)

3: BK West Outbounds

4: Kept open for access to South End of Yard

6: (Spur track) No assignment

5: Run Around Track

7: 770 Outbounds.

SOUTH (compass East) end

1: UP East Pickup Track

2: BNSF Pickup Track

3: No assignment

4: Kept open for access to North End of Yard


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