Capturing Time On Duty Edit

For switching operations it's important to capture the start and stop time of and switching job where a crew (using switching or other assigned equipment). So when the tour of duty begins, you would post in the BNSF Bakersfield Yard Forum under the thread of the date posted by the admin actual time on duty followed by time zone. Once you have finished switching in the yard again it's important to post the end time as well as details of work completed, or any further instructions.

Do not rush your work or try to beat the clock. This is all supposed to be fun not a job. The purpose of recording the time is to see how much real time it takes to perform operations, and set priority in operations in efficiency. It's also to give operators and admins a challenge in managing the logistics of the yard and when things don't go as planned.

Crews at BNSF Bakersfield Edit

The first crew Fresno Crew is called by a forum post at or around 0500 cycle time. This is normally done right after an inventory and all morning tags have been set. The Fresno Crew normally performs their work in about 2 hours time and takes a meal break. They are then assigned to the 0830 BAKFRS that departs for Fresno and deletes their consist at the end of the line. That job is a manual release that normally gets applied at 0830 unless delayed by work in Bakersfield.

At 0830 The Bakersfield crew comes on duty to take over from Fresno. They also get a build or release order in the registry and the job is called for 0900. The job takes approximately 3 hours to complete. They may break down cars from their train and then will head for a lunch break. On return another crew comes into Fresno at about 1230 and goes on the law. The Bakersfield crew is responsible for breaking down this train as well. From there they would build BAKBAR3 for its 1700 departure (4 days a week). Otherwise they would continue to build for the daily BAKBAR1. This crew often completes their work well below the 8 hour day.

No crews are in the yard between 1700 and about 2000. From that point BARBAK would be coming in from Barstow. The average trip for them is about 6 hours. As long as they have time available, they are permitted to break down the train, and set up for the evening interchange from SJVR. Once it's set the interchange is simply dropped off and the crew is already gone for the night as of 2200.  

Between about 2200 and 0500 no yard crew is active in Bakersfield. The only thing the morning job would be left with is whatever is left and pulling the new empties required for interchange from the tags overnight.

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