• Eliasxardas

    Hello im new in this nice game cause railworks simulator sux and i saw some programs i need to use to make the game better.While i was searching on google i found a program named external dispatcher v11 for run 8 v2.After i installed it and put the files in the game main folder,i join or host my server and when i press allow external DS program the dispatcher does nothing,it doesnt connect with the game.Is anything i forgot,i need to update the game to the most new version,my windows fault,i need gaming pc?If anyone knows how to fix it then every answer is acceptible but please help.Im still trying to play on server but idk where trains are and i crashed about 5 times without it.

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  • SurvivorSean

    This is the 1st blog I've posted in the new Wikia community.  I wanted to try this so that people can state their opinions regardless of where they are from in the Run8 community.  This is a public document and as such can be taken as positive or negative feedback depending on many factors.  I'm not sure as of yet if this information will have a table of contents similar to a wikia page or not.  But for now I'm going to use the headers to see if it generates.  The actual wikia documents are to give people information and facts about Run8.  Blogs however may contain facts, but are largely subject to opinion.

    When I first heard about Run8 the spring prior to it's release I new that it had a ton of potential.  At the time MP was not integrated…

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