Description Edit

The Boron Local (L-CAL0611) originates out of Barstow Yard. It runs Monday-Friday and departs at 0600. This local services Borax (BOR), North American (NAM), and Edwards (EDW). Depending on the length, it can depart from the Local Yard, Receiving Yard, or Departure Yard.

Blocking Edit

Blocking will usually happen in the Local Yard. The train should be blocked from West to East as NAM, BOR, EDW. BOR cars can be blocked according to car type in BAR but it is not necessary.

Procedure Edit

Once arriving at West Boron, enter the siding, disconnect your power and travel westward to North American.

Once at North American, pull the cars tagged for outbound destinations. Proceed back east to the North American switch and onto the main. Shove the cut you just pulled, west of the North American switch on the Main. Set out the cut on the Main.

Take your light power east down the Main until it is east of the East Boron siding switch. Enter the siding and couple up to the rear of your train. Shove the train out of the west end of Boron and into the North American Plant, cutting off the NAM cars between the red flags.

Reverse heading east with the remainder of the train down the siding until your train has cleared the Borax switch. Reline the switch and shove north to the Borax Plant. Shove BOR cars into any available tracks. Pull any cars tagged for outbound.

Proceed southeast with your train until you clear the Borax switch. Shove west until you couple with the North American Cars you left on the Main. Proceed east until your entire train is in Boron siding. Uncouple any EDW cars you may have, pull onto the Main and shove west to Edwards siding.

Once at Edwards, pull into Y to pick up outbounds. Place outbounds on siding and place EDW cars in Edwards. Once setouts are complete, couple up to EDW outbounds and head east until your train is clear of East Boron switch.

Once clear of East Boron switch, reverse into Boron siding to pick up BOR and NAM outbound cars. This completes all switching and you can start your trip east to Barstow.

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