This section is about proper railroad operations on the California Server.  Information on how to access the server can be found on the Servers page.

Trainsets Edit

Beyond the default rail equipment, the California Server currently uses equipment from the following Run8 addon trainset packs:


  • EMD SD40-2 Pack 1
  • EMD SD40-2 Pack 2
  • EMD SD40-2 Pack 3
  • EMD GP40-2 Pack 2


  • Autoracks Pack 1
  • Piggybacks Pack 1
  • Refrigerator Cars Pack 1
  • Coal & Ballast Cars Pack 1
  • 2 Bay Covered Hopper Pack 1
  • Gondola Pack 1
  • Centerbeams Pack 1


  • Amtrak Pack 1
  • ATSF CE11 Cabooses

Please note that these addons are OPTIONAL, and not required to run on the RTS California Server. If you choose not to use these optional addon packs, you will need the free Default Equipment Placeholder pack from the Run8 Studios website.

Routes Edit

The California Server consists of 3 main routes with various subdivisions and exits:

  • BNSF To Fresno Updated December, 2015
  • Cajon Sub
  • Mojave Sub
  • Needles Sub

Yards Edit

There are several yards on the California Server:

Local Jobs Edit

Each yard has local jobs that services area industries:

BNSF Bakersfield Yard

  • L-CAL0103 Bakersfield Local

UP Bakersfield Yard

BNSF Barstow Yard (Under construction - some may or may not be up to date)

BNSF Victorville Switching District

UP Mojave Yard

BNSF Needles Yard

  • None

BNSF San Bernardino

UP West Colton

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