Edison, California is located 8 miles southwest of Bakersfield, at approximately Milepost 320 on Union Pacific's Mojave Subdivision. 


Use the Mojave map download from to identify the location of industries and their corresponding train numbers.

Tracks 701 through 710 are accessed via Main 2 (southbound), and tracks 712 through 730 are accessed via Main 1 (northbound).  There are two hand-throw crossovers at Edison, on each side of the 701 lead.  Mainlines are protected via DT ABS, and dispatcher permission (if on duty) shall be obtained prior to occupying the main track, crossing over from M1 / M2, and making reverse moves.  Main 1 is the northbound track, Main 2 is the southbound.

Some industries will show a tag for one track, but can still use both tracks for switching.  This applies to tracks 708/709, 714/715, 717/718, and 725/727. 

Y-BK50 - UP EdisonEdit

  A build order will be issued in the UP Bakersfield section of the forum once the yardmaster has determined enough inbound cars have been received and the industries have completed their load/unloading activities. Utilize the BK Yard power (a pair of SD40's) to block the train in reverse order of track number (730 at the rear, 701 at the head).  The BK Yard power is also the power used to run the local.  Build the local in one of the UP yard tracks (1-4).  Once the train has been built the Yardmaster will release it in the forum. Be sure the locomotives are tagged "Y-BK50" then pull the switch list for that train from the Industry tool. When departing, cross over to Main 2 and head south.  Service industries off of Main 2 first, making setouts and pickups as needed.  Be sure to check tags for both the setouts and pickups, to ensure cars are switched appropriately (there may be times where some cars will stay behind at the industry).  When ready, cross over to Main 1 and service industries off of that track.  712 or 120 can be used to run around the train. 

Once all work has been completed, return to UP Bakersfield Yard, and yard the train in one of the UP yard tracks (1-4).  Then make a forum post in the UP Bakersfield of the forum to communicate that the work is completed and which track the train is tied-up.

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