1) RTS uses a series of waybills defined that specifies destinations for expected average number of cars of various types.

2) The RTS system can be used on your own by downloading the beta.  However the RTS beta is NOT REQUIRED for use on the server as this is already being run on the server by Sean.

3) Once the trains are generated for the cycle, the day of the generation is applied to the end of each train generated.

4) Through trains are automatically assigned power based on RTS options set in the program for tonnage etc.  The trains are also assigned data tags for all cars as well as empty or loaded.  This is the heart of the system and is used for all source cars that come into a switching region.

5) An empty requirements list is also generated by RTS for local industries that need empties for loads.  This gives an advanced requirement for future needs, and helps yardmasters forecast demand by tagging various cars for assignment to locals.

6) Car type listing describing the letter codes assigned in the RTS system can be found here.

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