1) Once again the train list will show you what is required.  Many IM trains as well as through manifests simply depart and head to their offline destination.

2) Trains are simply taken further on their journey to their final destination.  If the destination is a yard it will be listed as part of the train code (BAKBAR goes to Barstow Receiving for example).  Trains that have a destination beyond the scope of the route are simply deleted once they reach their final crew change at Needles/Fleta to the east or Bakersfield to the west/north.  If you're not sure of the destination especially with CSX trains in Florida simply refer to the trian list in the registry responses.

3) Trains before entering a yard should try and contact a yardmaster.  Yards are not to be used for crew changes unless it is for the Barstow Inspection (shows INS YES in train list).  Crew changes where you need to be relieved can be done in an available siding per the operating procedures mentioned in the trains section.

4) If your mainline train requires switching (listed in the tain list) then you will need to observe the latest yard report and/or the data tags of both your train and cars that need to be picked up.

5) Cars for your train will be listed with either your immediate destination or secondary.  For example a train for BAKBAR may have cars for GAL which eventually gets humped at Barstow but may be a pickup at Mojave.  Likewise your train may have cars for MJ, Lone Pine, Oak Creek, or any of the other locations that Mojave serves.  Mojave is the only yard that gets switched by mainline trains and these are only trains too and from Bakersfield.

6) Locals will also become available and can be switched per the guide.  Your cars tags will have industry codes as to what tracks they get dropped off to.  Any pickups will have car tags that show a destination other than where it is at.  Anything sitting at an industry with a track code of the same simply gets held there.

7) Interchanges are switched live and DO NOT get deleted.  They are currently located west of BNSF Bakersfield, north of UP Bakersfield, Kern Jct, Magunden, Oak Creek, and Lone Pine.

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