1) Barstow information is available both on the matrix, train lists, and CTC display. The yardmaster will also try and post a daily lineup for each actual day to guide 2 men crews with 2 reports (1 for each crew). Keep in mind Barstow simulates 2 virtual 24/7 crews. Time limits not exceed the amount it would take to get through a day in real time is posted by the yardmaster. The maximum time would not exceed the formula 24 hours divided by total number of days in the cycle. Time can be carried over if not used in a day, or cut back if slightly over the limit. All switching should have the goal of staying within the limits specified.

2) A train that is ready to depart Barstow is given a green light in the yard.  Likewise a train ready to hump (or to have power removed) in receiving is also given a green light. Finally receiving tracks that are expecting arrivals will also be given green lights (or stay green after the hump). If you are an arriving train and you don't see a green light make sure the path is clear or hold out before entering the receiving yard.

3) Anything moved can be canceled to the red location.  They can be cleared out of the departure yard when a train is built provided they follow specifications.  Lunar whites are set by yardmasters only and should not be adjusted unless instructed to do so. Trains that arrive in receiving can remain clear with their power attached. Power is to only be removed by the Barstow trim crew prior to instructions in the Barstow Yard Forum.

4) The bowl may require trimming prior to humping a train.  Instructions for the day ahead should be provided by the yardmaster. If not and for reference, please check the matrix and the train you wish to hump prior to humping.  Please also observe that the hump is operating properly and use only the set tracks for the bowl.

5) Further reading on Barstow Yard Operation Procedures - click here.

6) For information on the Barstow Yard Matrix click here.

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