1) When instructions are available, you have the opportunity to follow these instructions to perform yard duty as part of the system.  How much switching is up to you, provided you let others know in either chat, teamspeak, or the yard forums and private messaging.  As long as you or someone who takes over posts an update to the yard forum.

2) Switching is performed by taking advantage of data tags in Run8.  These can be displayed in real time as you fly over your train or are on the ground to make moves etc.

3) Data tags will contain none, the yard code or empty if not assigned.  Otherwise they will contain at least one destination code, and possibly a secondary code.  For example BK(726) is originally set to head to UP Bakersfield and eventually run on Edison Local to track 726.  2 letter codes are used for UP destinations where as 3 letter codes are used for BNSF.  You may also see a more descriptive tag.

4) Track codes can be found on the yard lists if it's local, the guide maps if not local.  Destination codes can be found on the train lists or the matrix.  Any code that is found on the matrix for Barstow simply gets forwarded to Barstow Yard for further processing on another mainline train.

5) Finally you may see a code XXX from time to time.  This is a new code introduced to forward empties to Barstow as required.  The idea here is to allow excess empties not used by the system the chance to leave on a mainline train out of town to free up a yard.  These empties have been tagged as they are not required by locals or for interchange etc.

6) For detailed instructions pertaining directly to BNSF Barstow Yard operations click here.

7) When needed - the listing of letter codes assigned to various car types in the RTS System can be found here.

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