JAX Duval Ramp is the Inter-modal yard operated by CSX in Jacksonville, Florida. This yard receives TOFC and COFC loads from other parts of the country, and originates loads northbound.

Trains with registry destination of JAX Ramp terminate in this yard. Tags for these cars are (JRD). Arriving trains are to be left on a convenient receiving track, one which can fit the entire train preferably. The power should be shut down and left on the train by the incoming crew. Yard hostlers will run the power to Moncrief for servicing and reassignment as needed. JAX Terminal Super has the authority to reassign inbound road power to JAX Ramp to haul NB trains out of the ramp if fuel and servicing is not required.

Many trains do not terminate in JAX Ramp but do set out cars there. Final termination for those trains is Moncrief Yard via Carnegie and Honeymoon Wye. These trains can set off their JRD tagged cars directly to the crane tracks if they are on the tail end of the train. The head end cars act as reachers and the cars are backed under the crane tracks using the crossovers. Road Power IS NOT allowed to get onto the crane tracks.

Yard crews are directed to spot cars for loading and unloading on the ramps under the cranes. This task should be done using the SD40-2 yard locomotives or GP40-2 transfer power if needed. Cars for outbound trains will be tagged with the train number they are to be built into. Once the crane tracks are tagged for outbound trains the yard crew can pull the tracks clear and spot the tagged cars in the yard. Inbound cars or empties can then be filled into the crane tracks for loading. Once a Build order is created for the train by Administrators, the yard crew can assemble the train and bring it to Moncrief Yard or release from JAX Ramp per instructions. Please refer to the forum for details beforehand. It is prudent to check Moncrief for cars that may be assigned to the train you are building. In this case either the cars in Moncrief are transferred to JAX or the train is sent to Moncrief and released from there . Once the train is built in either yard, power is added and the train is marked Released by the yard crew in the registry.

All Yard Crew movements are to have a corresponding forum post detailing time, date, and a description of the work done in the JAX Duval Yard Forum.

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