Note: This page is created for Run8 V2 and is under construction.

Kaiser Steel is located west of UP West Colton, and contains a small yard, and industry lead. The industry itself, and the BNSF / Metrolink San Gabriel Sub side is NOT modeled in Run8.

A UPITKAI (BNSF Unit Train, Pittsburg, CA to Kaiser, CA) will be manually spawned by an Admin or Yardmaster on the main in the Bakersfield area. Train will consist of 60 empty gondolas, with 5x0 power. Gondolas must be the EJE01 or IHB01 livery to show the proper steel loads.

Train will run from Bakersfield, over Mojave Sub to Cajon Sub via Valley Jct (Barstow) and over Cajon Pass. Due to the San Gabriel line not being modeled in Run8, the train will need to head over to UP via Rana > Rancho, and terminate at Kaiser Yard.

Upon arrival at Kaiser, train can set out three blocks of 20 cars in the yard, then tie down the power in the yard as well.

Kaiser Switcher (a set of UP power) will grab 20 empties, and spot them on the Kaiser lead. After 24 hours, the industry will produce loads tagged for PIT. The Kaiser Switcher can then pull the 20 loads into Kaiser Yard, then spot 20 empties on the lead. Repeat this process for three tricks until there are 60 loads.

When ready, an Admin or Yardmaster will issue a build order for the UKAIPIT. At this point, the train can be built in a 3x60x2 configuration, and released. Cars need to be the R8 Gon ACF1995 EJE01 and/or R8 Gon TRIN1828 IHB01 livery to properly reflect the steel coil loads.

Once the train has left the territory, an Admin or Yardmaster can build and spawn a new UPITKAI to repeat this process.

The RTS California Server identifies Kaiser Steel as KAI. The plant is now owned by California Steel Industries, and is identified on The Depot Server's Cajon Sub map as CSI.

When working the Kaiser job, make a forum post entry in the UP West Colton forum, indicating that the job is on duty/off duty, and a brief note as to the work performed.

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