LS913J SJVR Tricor Local is dedicated to serving the Tricor petroleum facility located on the Oil City Subdivision. The facility has reheating capability for up to 38 tank cars. Inbound loaded tank cars are accumulated at the SJVR yard. Empty tank car pickups are taken to BAK yard to be forwarded by the BNSF to Casper, WY (CSS).


Use the Mojave map download from to identify the location of industries.

LS913J Operating InstructionsEdit

A build order will be issued in the UP Bakersfield section of the forum once the yardmaster has determined enough inbound cars have been received and the industries have completed their load/unloading activities.


1) Leave BK Yard headed North towards Oil Junction and use the hand throw there to enter the Oil City Subdivision.

2) Drop setouts on the South leg of the Oil Junction wye.

3) Take power to Tricor site and gather pickups - there are four tracks associated with Tricor (TRI).

4) Shove pickups back to Oil Junction and spot them on the North leg of the wye.

5) Couple the power to the setouts on the South leg of the wye and take them to the Tricor site to be delivered.

6) Take power back to the pickups sitting on the North leg of the wye.

7) Request authorization from the DS to back Northbound onto the mainline at Oil Junction.

8) Head Southbound on the main through Oil Junction and use the hand throw to head West on the Landco Subdivision to Jastro Junction.

9) Request DS alignment off the Lanco Subdivision through Jastro Junction and crossing from Main 1 to Main 2 and into BAK yard.

Once all work has been completed make a forum post in the UP Bakersfield of the forum to communicate that the work is completed and which track the train is tied-up.

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