Introduction Edit

Lone Pine
The Lone Pine job goes on duty in the UP Mojave Yard at 20:00. This job delivers cars to and from the Lone Pine Branch, which is located just to the North East of the Mojave Yard.  The move is rather simple - pull the loads, shove in the empties.

Build Order Edit

When the Build Order has been issued, use the MJ Switcher power (a pair of UP SD40's) to block together the outbounds. Outbounds will have the tags of: Lone Pine, MOJ(LP) and MJ(LP). There is no specific order when blocking the cars. Once the train is built, use the Registry to show 'Lone Pine' as 'Released' and indicate which track it is built in.

Inbounds Edit

Once the Lone Pine job is released, use the MJ Switcher power, obtain authority from the dispatcher to enter the #1 Main at North Mojave, cross over to the #2 Main, and onto the Lone Pine Branch. Continue a short distance until you reach the string of cars. These will be tagged with destinations other than Oak Creek (i.e. BEL, SDG, WC(NP), BK(726), etc.).  Don't forget the Registry entry to show 'Lone Pine' as 'Departing' the Mojave Yard.

Once connected pull the string to the south end of the Mojave Yard, and set them in an an open track (it's OK if the track is occupied on the North End).  These will be picked up by southbound trains (MBARBAK, MRVEP, and MBKWC).

The cars can also be switched out based on which railroad will pick up the cars.  For example:  BEL will be picked up by a Southound BNSF, and can be set into the south end of Track 1.  WC(NP) will be picked up by Southbound UP, and can be set into the south end of Track 2. BK(726) will be picked up by a Northbound UP, and can be set into the south end of Track 3 while switching, and eventually taken to the north end of the yard for pickup.

Outbounds Edit

Locate the outbound cars in the Mojave Yard.  They will be tagged as Lone Pine, MOJ(LP) and MJ(LP). Shove these cars down the Lone Pine Branch, and leave them near where the inbounds were sitting.

Uncouple, and take the power back to the yard office.

Make a Registry entry for 'Lone Pine' to show it 'Arriving' at Mojave.  Indicate which track the inbounds were left in.  If switched out to multiple tracks, enter one of the tracks.

The Lone Pine job is done.

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