Moncrief is a busy CSX yard in Jacksonville, Florida. This yard receives Inter-modal trains, Auto Racks, Manifest freight and more. This yard is also an interchange point with FEC and NS. Inbound trains will have a destination of Moncrief in the registry.

Inbound trains should be yarded to the following tracks:

  • M01
  • M02
  • C01
  • C02
  • B Yard can be used to yard IM cars destined for Taft

Leave the head end power on the train for a yard crew to remove. Make a registry entry of "Arriving".

Outbound trains should be built in the "H" Yard. (See map available here at Run8Depot). Trains may be on multiple tracks and engineers must assemble the train before departure. Check the Moncrief Yard forum for instructions.

Yard Crew Duties

Inbound manifest cuts are broken down and sorted in the "C" Yard by the yard crew. Yard crews are also responsible for removing the head end power and bringing it to the servicing area. Once a train is broken down by the yard crew, a registry entry of "Complete" is to be made. Any Yard work done must have a corresponding entry in the Moncrief Yard Forum detailing the time, date, and a description of the move.


Any Inter-modal cars which come into Moncrief Yard tagged for forwarding to JAX Ramp "JRD" should be transferred with the GP40-2 Yard Switchers to JAX Duval Ramp via Honeymoon Wye or thru the JS&W. The Ramp Transfer will bring completed northbound IM trains back to Moncrief for the assignment of power and releasing. Any moves made must have an entry in the Forum detailing the date, time, and what has been moved.


West JAX Yard is used for receiving rock trains southbound. Trains go into Moncrief then down the Honeymoon Wye and into West JAX. Here rock cars are switched to Conrad Yelvington for unloading. Empty cuts are returned to West JAX from CYY and built into rock empties to run northbound around the Wye thru Moncrief and off of the system. The yard job Y125 (SP Line Job) works West JAX yard along with K755 loaded rock and K756 for empties. Y125 also leaves cars tagged for NEC on the 4600' stub track. Reichhold Inc. receives cars on Y125 as well.

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