Welcome To RTS A-Line Florida Edit

The fact that you have got this far tells us that you are serious, follow instructions, and likely to be willing to learn more. Of course just being in Run8 you already faced a learning curve. But RTS has it's own learning curve that is different from other servers like Run8 is different from other simulators.

The next step is to register as a new member on our network. In the past we've tried both honor and closed systems. So if you're not sure RTS is for you all the information and access to ask questions is encouraged first here on the RTS Wikia.

Becoming a member means you agree and understand the PROCEDURES and OPERATIONS documents that support our network. From here you are encouraged but not required to join the Wikia forum and create an account if you don't already have one. Wikia is independent of RTS and the provider of many Wikia accounts including RTS. If you don't want to go through the hassle of this it is still important to follow the forum for the latest updates.

You will be required to post a message in the New Members section of the forum after you have registered. Please take this time to introduce yourself and let the community know who you are, and perhaps talk of your experience with Run8. The more info you provide here the easier it will be to establish trust among other users and admins.

Trust and honor is very important because once you receive the password you have access to do everything other than admin the server. Patience is also important because we want to know if we take the time to help you, will you be willing to take the time to learn?

By following everything here, you will then receive either an email with either further questions or the password to our server network.

Again this process may take a few days. Please use it to familiarize yourself with what RTS is all about. If you're not sure about something please in either your first post on Wikia or another message ask us. Thank-you for taking the time to join RTS and we hope you have a great time on our Servers

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