Introduction Edit

Oak Creek
The Oak Creek job goes on duty in the UP Mojave Yard at 18:00.  Oak Creek is located to west of Mojave, and is accessed via the Mojave Wye.  The move is rather simple - shove the empties for the Outbound (OB), then pull in the loads in for the inbound (IB).

Build Order Edit

When the Build Order has been issued, use the MJ Switcher power (a pair of UP SD40's) to block together the outbounds. Outbounds will have the tags of: Oak Creek, MOJ(OC) or MJ(OC). There is no specific order when blocking the cars. Once the train is built, use the Registry to show 'Oak Creek OB' as 'Released' and indicate which track it is built in.

Oak Creek OB Edit

Once the Oak Creek OB job is released, the train is clear to be shoved down the Oak Creek branch. When first taking control of the power, make a Registry entry to show 'Oak Creek OB' as 'Departing' the Mojave Yard. Pull the train out of the yard track, and then shove the train through the wye and onto the Oak Creek branch.

Once clear of the wye, cut the power off, pull back up to the wye switch, and tie down the power. Relinquish the power, then delete the OB cut of cars.

The power will remain at the wye switch until the Oak Creek IB is called. No other switching will take place until the return of the Oak Creek IB. This simulates that the power is away on the Oak Creek run.

Make a registry entry for 'Oak Creek OB' to show it 'Complete' at Mojave Yard.  

Oak Creek IB Edit

The Oak Creek inbounds are scheduled to return at 20:00 hours. The Admins will release the Oak Creek IB in the Registry when ready. Once released, use the link to download the train and spawn the cars. The cars will appear on the Oak Creek branch. Make a Registry entry to show 'Oak Creek IB' as 'Departing' the Mojave Yard.

Use the MJ Yard power located at the wye (from the previous OB job), and shove back to a joint. Pull the cars through the wye into the south end of the yard. Sort the cars based on which railroad will pick up the cars.  For example:  TPL will be picked up by BNSF, and can be set into the south end of Track 1.  WC(Y1) will be picked up by UP, and can be set into the south end of Track 2. Any SJVR/BK/BAK cars can be sorted and placed on the north end of the yard for northbound pickup.

Tie down the power next to the yard office (south end of tracks 5 or 7 by the private crossing).

Once complete, make a registry entry for 'Oak Creek IB' to show it 'Complete' at Mojave Yard.  

Make a forum post to advise on switching activity and track assignments.

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