Pecan Yard Operations Edit

Here is a basic rundown of how best to switch, build, and execute the A767 Pecan Yard Local. Other ideas and methods are acceptable but this is a great guide for newcomers to A-Line and local jobs in general. This guide is subject to change and the train list instructions should be consulted for nay updates.

Train Symbol: A767

Train Type: Local Freight

From: Pecan Yard, Palatka, FL - returns to this yard

To: Siding, Yukon, FL. - approx 43 miles

Check Registry to see if the train has been Released. Register on Train Form before starting. 

Switch the following industries first from Pecan Yard. 

  • GPP - Georgia Pacific - Drop cars on track 4 and pickup from track 5 ONLY.
  • FCR - 1st Coast Recycling - Put overflow on lead.

Sort picked up cars in Pecan Yard. 

Switch Industries on mainline opposite Pecan Yard. 

  • NSH - Newcastle Shipyard 
  • VST - Veritas Steel 
  • HPP - Hanson Pressure Pipe 

Sort picked up cars in yard 

Assemble train for northbound switching. 

Get clearance from Dispatcher if on duty.  

Pickup cars at all industries switched by A767 for other locations. 

Switch Industries in following order: 

  • MP 689 - LFG LaFarge Gypsum - Bostwick, FL 

Drop empty covered hoppers on stub tracks away from building 

Drop boxcars on track next to building 

Drop centerbeams on either of the passing tracks. 

  • MP 685 - TIT - Titan 

Drop cars at least 500 ft. from switch.

  • MP 673 - NSP - National Gypsum - 3025' track

Need instruction on placing cars.

  • MP 673 - DUR - Durock

Need instruction on placing cars. 

After switching leave cars for Pecan Yard on the s southbound end of the string.

Using the Industry List <ctrl>L check to see if there are cars to pick up at the following industries:

  • American Solite - AMS;  84L Lumber 84L; BLF - First Builders Choice

Leave Durock siding with cars for the above industries. If no cars then go down to Durock Siding

If cars for 84L or BLF - run to Yukon Siding and switch industries. 

  • MP 653 - BLF - Builders First Choice
  • MP 655 - 84L - 84 Lumber 

Switch on return to Durock Siding 

  • MP 665 - AMS - American Solite

Pickup all cars on Durock Siding with FLD and USL cars behind the engine. 

Switch the following industries. 

  • MP 678 - FLD - Food Lion Distribution - track farthest from mainline.
  • MP 678 - USL - US Lumber - not named on map - track nearest the mainline. 

Return to Pecan Yard. 

Return to A-Line Operations 

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