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RTS makes use of many different types of cars just like the prototype does. In our registry pages and elsewhere car types are denoted using a letter code. This code is important to understand for yard and local freight crews. The car types and letter codes follow here:

A - Acid Tank Cars - Any tank that shows the corrosive plate on the body

B - Box Car

C – Corn Syrup Tanks

D – Extra

E – Engine (Locomotive)

F – Fuel Tanks - Any tank that shows the flammable plate on the body

G – Grain Hoppers - Covered hoppers specifically indicating grain service (Cargill or Soybeans)

H – Hopper - Any covered hopper that does not specifically indicate grain or potash service (though they can be used for both)

I – Piggyback (TOFC)

J – Scrap Steel Gondola

K – Steel Wire Gondola

L – Coal Hopper 3420

M – Coal Hopper 3483

N – Coal Hopper 3600

O – Ballast Hopper BSC2200

P – Potash - Orange covered hoppers used for potash service

Q – Ballast Hopper PS2003 (Rock)

R – Reefer (All types)

S – Small Tanks (2 Railing Stanchions)

T – Big Tanks (4 Railing Stanchions)

U – Used Oil - Any tank cars in dedicated oil recycling service (Used oil, Dana Care, or Safety Kleen)

V – Autorack (Vehicle)

W – Covered Hopper ACF2700 (Cement)

X – Covered Hopper ACF2970 (Cement)

Y – Covered Hopper Trin3281 (Cement)

Z – Intermodal (COFC)

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