The yard forms is a place where updated instructions as well as the reporting of work and time is put into play. As per PROCEDURES you are required to post a message before and after any work is performed in a yard with details of the work that has taken place.

The time element is important for calculating virtual crew times, and knowing how much time is available for future jobs.

Time limits may also be imposed for certain jobs and they will be specified in the original post from the yard master (admin) prior to the job being available.

Switching in Barstow and other yards we try and stay in those limits for every actual 24 server hours. We don't want to go over the time limit. If time is still available we can use the remaining time and bank it towards the next actual 24 hour period. Locals out of a yard however may run for a window of several days. The reporting is still important as it's used to determine how much crew time is available, and what connections can be made.

Time limits shouldn't be confused however with call times, or expected arrivals. Just like in the real world, there may be shortage of crews or other delays that take place. Regardless if in a yard or out on the main, all of this is to add fun, and create interesting operational challenges. Nothing should be rushed to try and beat a time limit, or get a train from a to b as fast as you can.

Bids On Jobs should also be honored inside a crew window of opportunity. If a bid is in a tight window, or towards the end, we simply take our time and do the best we can. The reporting is not to evaluate performance, or pressure anyone in any way. It's all meant to give us prototype conditions, and operational challenges to make simulating more interesting.

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