Official Run 8 Website Edit

Run8 Studios - The official website of Run8 Train Simulator. Latest news and updates can be found here.

Official Run 8 3rd Party Developers Edit

HyRail Simulations - Developers of the CSX A Line Jacksonville To Taft.

Unofficial Developers For Run 8 Edit

Railroad Transportation Simulator (RTS) - Car Forwarding Software For Run8 Train Simulator

Train Simulator Computer Aided Dispatcher for Run8

Resources Edit

Run8 Depot - Great source of information including maps as well as online session announcements -

24/7 MP Servers Edit

Railroad Transportation Simulator (RTS) - text and teamspeak with operations handled by the RTS latest beta in development

DAMS - Largest public and private servers for Run8 Train Simulator, text and teamspeak -

Run8 Europe - Public text and teamspeak server -

California Michigan & Florida Railroad - rotates different routes see forum for more info -

New Luna Republic Railroad - Public "For Fun" 24/7 Server with a dynamic storyline.

NC&Southern Railroad Run8 Server - Professional V2 A-Line Server with an Active Community -

Other MP Servers & Groups Edit

Atlantic & Pacific RR - Operates 2 servers for California and Florida. 5pm to 11pm MST daily, text and teamspeak

The Call Board - Online virtual server that runs on occasion -

American Railroad Simulations - Prototypical server that runs on occasion -

Forums Edit

DAMS - Biggest community for Run8 Train Simulator

TrainSim - One of the biggest and oldest communities for all kinds of Train Simulators including Run8

Run8 Europe - Server info and forum -

California Michigan & Florida Railroad - server info and forum -

Run8 Western Forums - Unofficial Forums for the Run8 Community -

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