Introduction Edit

The Y-WCLSBD is an occasional yard job based out of West Colton. Its primary purpose is to deliver cars for San Bernardino that build up in WC during the course of normal operations.

Method of Operation Edit

The Transfer is timed to coincide with the completion of the Y-SBD3021's tour of duty. At that time, a cut of cars pulled from area industries will be built in BNSF's San Bernardino B Yard and marked for pickup.

The build order for the Y-WCLSBD will be put in the registry by the West Colton yardmaster. Typically, the consist for the transfer will be everything in the SBD track of the WC bowl, currently assigned to track 211. The Transfer is run with WC Trim power, so after pulling the cars to the departure yard, the consist is left attached to take the train to B Yard. BNSF locomotives that have accumulated in West Colton can also be shuttled to their home rails using the Y-WCLSBD.

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The Transfer uses main tracks to get to B Yard, and so either needs allowances made for switches and signals to be used between sessions, or it needs a dispatcher to set routes during a scheduled session. Upon arrival at B Yard, the train is set out and the power moved to the outbound consist to return to WC.

Arriving in West Colton, the consist can be yarded any number of ways. Generally, the cars picked up from B Yard will be almost entirely cars for Barstow. There may also be a handful of cars for UP trains operating out of WC. As an example, the train can be brought into 201 or 202, the power cut away and run around the train, and then it can be flat switched into the appropriate bowl tracks. It can also be pulled into the receiving yard and humped like any other train.

Additionally, if the cut at B Yard is entirely composed of Barstow cars with nothing for the UP, the yardmaster can decide to have the M-WCLBAR haul the SBD cars from WC and make the pickup at B Yard, skipping the Transfer.

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