Selkirk Research Data (Google Sheets)

RTS Car Type Listing

Selkirk Tags

NIA=Niagara Falls, NY

SAUB=South Albany, NY

TOLS=Toledo, Stanley; OH

SYR=Syracuse,  NY

RMT=Rocky Mount, NC

MACM=Massena, NY



RIC=Richmond, VA

FRM=Framingham, MA


IND=Indiapolis (Avon)

CBL=Curtis Bay, PA

OLD=Oak Island, NJ

PAS=Pan Am Southern

ROTJ=Rotterdam, JCT, NY

WAL=West Albany, NY

Mohawk Sub Research Edit

February 1, 2017 began research and adding of industries from the west end up to the main yard in Syracuse. Forgot all the research that was in here in the past. Will bump this up and see if Smiley and others are still around to add more :)

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