This is a page that goes hand in hand with the To Do List. I would like to see ANYONE who has suggestions or research add links to this. Anyone has access to do so. Doing so will help me keep a reference to all data so that it will be easier for me to implement new additions on the valued information provided.

  • Mojave Flyer This is a discussion about the Mojave Flyer but also includes information on industries served by Mojave locals as well as other trains in and out of Mojave.
  • Add option to RTS software allowing you to enter the date of cycle you are running. Useful when re-running a cycle in progress to correct an error or to make changes mid-cycle.
  • Boron expansion that also made reference to Mojave Flyer. The suggestion was made in this thread along with some other ideas for expediting UP and BNSF traffic in this Mojave Sub Thread and yet another thread about it Extending Boron Local
  • Added suggestion and info about Victorville Cement Suggestions.
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