Syracuse White Paper 1st Draft 7/12/2019 By Sean Murrell Feel free to edit and add in your own ideas


This paper is representing a concept to replicate in my opinion the much needed smaller terriroty that Run8 is lacking.  The issue with larger routes with a finite number of members is time drags on forever in getting stuff to move.  The areas don't feel as busy as they are supposed to prototypically represent.  Just seeing AI trains or dispatched sessions are not enough to stimulate the living breathing railroad.


Ideally we are looking for a 24/7 server and at the moment Smiley is operating a Selkirk Mohawk server under this criteria.  I has also suggested that he can run overnights, and weekdays including some weekend nights.  I would only take the server down to use it for high demanding video games and YouTube on weekends and some weekday nights such as Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings.  This would for the most part leave Monday and Wednesday available


The 30 miles area on the western end of Mohawk Sub is ideal because of a limited number of industries, but plentiful in interchanges.  This allows a yard like Syracuse to have a purpose of breaking down trains and building and running new ones.

Ideally we would want to attract users who are OK with running a limited area so by demand industries and yards could get switched on a daily basis by someone or multiple people if demand is high.

Supply trains can spawn on the west end as well as some sidings east of the area.

I will have more to add on this Sunday evening



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