B765 is the daily supply train that actually spawn on the Port Sub (not prototypical but allows work at Selkirk South Departure Yard). B765 once obtaining permission into Selkirk YL can then set off cars with the following tags for these trains.

C711 Y122 B757

The cars are blocked together in various sections of the train based on how Run8 decides to place them. So you may require more than 1 setoff. Note all cars are set off on 1 available track. Kicking is an option, just be sure to set the brakes before it reaches the east latter of South Departure Yard.

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S Edit

Once the set offs are complete, the train moves westward on signal indication to South Schenectady. Here the following tags are set off in the yard.

B758 B760 B761 B763 GC-1 RJ-1

Just like Selkirk, the tags can be spread out among the train in various blocks depending on how Run8 sets it up. Cars should be set off in either 1 available track or more if necessary (but not by industry, as in blocking).

Once set offs are complete the train would move WB to Utica setting off cars with the tags for UT-1. This may show up in both an empty and loaded block of the train.

After switching is complete you should only have B768 B769 cars left for Syracuse. This train then proceed to Syracuse to a track designated by the YM's instructions. Tone dispatcher if a YM is not on duty.

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