• OK I got confirmation on another thread earlier that Tom's password has been changed as has my password so all Servers are now on the new password.  PROCEDURES have also been updated and if you've been here in the last year it's nothing major.  We basically removed the password and added a link to the New Members section that goes a bit deeper in the approval process just implemented.

    As for the procedural changes we actually removed a few procedures and simply took out reference of the password and procedures about wall posts on Wikia etc.  I've also made Wikia voluntary as far as getting a Wikia account since all members will be verified by their email.

    In California I'll be adjusting the registry names to match the current users I have in play.  There are a few admins not on this list.  I know at least of 3 that come and go etc. and have things they are dealing with.  Since I know them for some time I will keep them on the list.  

    If you are a current user and not on the list please let me known.  If you have never posted I recommend you do so and I'll add the new members section shortly to do so.  

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    • I just happened to be in the list and noticed a couple others had come on board.  Remember even if you are a regular or returning member please post a message reminding us of who you are and your experience with RTS, or Run8.  Makes it easier for us to check the list and send out the new password to you.  I'll be doing that now for a couple users but I won't be in the list all night, so please post.

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