• Hey everyone!

    I'm Braydon Fox, newly registered for the server and a newcomer to Run8. I have some decent experience with other train simulators, and I'm excited to get my feet wet with Run8 and RTS. I'm still warming up to the program, and a lot of my early hours will be spent in single player getting used to operating trains and becoming familiar with the Mojave Sub.

    I will say that I'll need some guidance from the senior members here to help ease me in to operations on the server. It's makes me a bit nervous, and I don't want to end up making a lot of messes for other users when I'm first starting out. If you guys have any tips for a beginner like myself, I'm all ears!

    It's hard to say how much time I'll have available to spend on Run8 since I'm currently attending college, but hopefully I'll be up and running with you all soon!


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    • Welcome Braydon! You are on the the right track with starting in SP and practicing *however* coming on to MP and observing and asking questions is always another great way to get started.

      Im on Monday through Friday between 0600 and 1700 (Arizona Time) normally. Please feel free to ask me anything if you see me on!


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    • Hey there Braydon!  Welcome!  You'll find the community more than happy to help you out if you're receptive to it :)  Hope to see you on server soon.  I run under the name Eaite on server and other places.

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    • Welcome to RTS Braydon. Check your email for the password. Take it slow and enjoy!


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    • Welcome Braydon!

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    • my name is braydon c fox

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    • A FANDOM user
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