• Well tonight's session continues the positive momentum forward as we were very close to 10 operators.  I think everyone had plenty of meets and action, and as DS I had a nice amount to handle just the way it should be for 1 desk of a much bigger railroad.

    The conversation on TrainSim continues and it's getting very interesting to say the least.  But as usual form with RTS, we continue to push the envelope in the massive potential this sim has.  We may still be small in numbers, but nobody runs at full capacity like us.  I can only think of 1 server that even comes close, and no it's not the most popular one out there either.  

    I'll be updating the next session in a few minutes with info regarding availability.  I encourage anyone who runs if they are looking for something specific to request it in special requests on

    See you Wednesday, and again next Sunday.

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    • Hey Sean, Thought you were leaving Run8 Anyway, what time on Sunday/Wednesdays? Thanks,


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    • QTW

      Sean i went back and watched the live stream and well something caught my eye when Bill lost his train and it said something about enemy train  something....well i got to see my train the one i took from Bill is where it gets weird i had 3 units up front 2 on the rear so by chance i happened to check  the mfd and only the  ace and the es44dc were online the other units were acting as ghosts units as if they were not  even there but they were cause i could see em and i saw the rear 2  on top of Walong not sure what was going on so that accounts for my slow speed up the hill

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    • Usually 6pm Sun and Wed evenings.  Next Sunday I'll be in a bad mood though being Easter Sunday and the end of a long weekend #1, then #2 I give up my son for that entire weekend.  So I haven't scheduled it as of yet, but honestly have nothing better to do.

      I see Enemy train messages when things time out.  I guess best to make sure all units are running or perhaps it was corrupted not sure.  The train seemed to be doing OK speed wise for that HPT that I could tell (not sure).  Same issue happened once Tim left last night, though there was an interesting coupler break.

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    • BTW will have all the scheduled postings and sign ups.

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    • Sean that was a realy bad coupler break! It looked liked 3 sections let go. I wasn't going that fast either, Not sure why that happened, Session was still fun! Looking forward to wed. evening. See you then.

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    • I think it was in at least 8 sections that I deleted :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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