• Just a heads up.  I had a power failure on Saturday afternoon possibly due to an oncoming ice storm.  What is crazy is the storm really hadn't begun, but was restored prior to the major storm hitting.

    Now the ice has tunred into rain, however there is always a chance something could go wrong.

    Also please note the IP address I just discovered had changed in my last check.  The session will be running on the following IP ===

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    • Had an interesting graphic card crash both Run8 and the live stream right before I was supposed to end.  I'm looking to see what the latest save was and will continue from there next time.

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    • QTW

      yeah i was when that happened  from what i can tell yoiur fps dipped to 0 then boom you were done forRun 8 is strting to tax your gpu

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    • A FANDOM user
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