• Wanted to get the word out. Run8 has released a free update to Seligman-Sub today 01/02/19...

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    • Notice 03/22/19: Run8 has released an update V2-#7, (Free), &, BNSF Bakersfield Sub ($40.00).

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    • Wow, thanks for the update Scott.  This "might" get me back into Run8 again as I'm curious about the BNSF section.  Seems like it's not as manpower intensive.  If you get this let me know your thoughts.

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    • Doesn’t appear they added any new WB spawn points from BAK. Still old long dist points NEE / SEL / MOJ / CAJ / SBD. Here’s a tweaked BAK-Sub, visual reference.

      BAK-DS Screen-(edited)


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    • That is VERY disappointing for single player.  Personally it may have cost a buy from me, as I would of likely purchased it to give it a go.  Unfortunately not everyone has reliable internet, and an expansion like this only puts more stress on the big servers to fill in positions.

      Glad to see they ware working on these new regions :)

      Oh well, I guess I'm just a hater.  Thanks for the update.

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    • Notice: 06/01/19 Run8 has released both, a, System Update #8, &, $20 for the pair of Branchlines: Arvin (SJVR), &, Oak Creek (UP). Additions to Mojave. Run8studios, has also kindly supplied a GP40 series in one version of SJVR's former colors, to go along with the Branchline pack. Please Also Note: The word from the worldwide web is external-Dispatcher will reflect these additions soon.

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    • Did they add any of those easy to add spawn points :)

      Curious what "things" were fixed in this update as well.

      Got a funny feeling Alsaka is going to be released before V3.  

      My LED to my right still says "rd" so it's plugged in and ready to go.  Unfortunately I still don't see anything here that fixes what I'm looking for.

      I wonder if anyone still has a bet on how long it's going to take me to get back into Run8?  

      Thanks for the info Scott, and I hope everyone is having fun with Run8.  I think out of all of the recent updates.  External dispatcher should not have any bearing on this update or did it screw something up again?  Both of those lines as far as I know are dark territory.  

      I think the only thing I've seen shine any light on Run8 has been the external dispatcher update.  I find it odd that no mention of V3 since we are now 5 months into 2019, but they keep selling new routes.  Begining to wonder if we are ever going to see it.

      Sorry to be so negative Scott, I do appreciate the info.  This is the only place I check for Run8 information now.

      Take care


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    • honestly no idea what's taken place within #8 update. still trying to get the Branchlines installed b4 moving on to update. some reason it's not seeing V2...during install stops at Train Simulator then says can't find V2. When I visit Run8studio folder, V2 is indeed there... Since you've been away, doubt I've got 5mins playing time within Run8.

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    • OK just out of curiosity I did check SW Forum.  They mentioned something about new spawn points???  That alone might get me interested in Run8 again.  

      In fact I'll go a little bit further.  If they have put in spawn points similar to the ones I was looking for (to allow for BNSF and UP spawns onto the respective NB/WB Mojave Subs) I may just pick this little $20 update and give it a try.

      So yes I would get back into Run8 at that point, or at least try and get back into it.  Single player could easily be based out of Mojave running spawns SB & EB from Bakersfield, while having NB & WB spawns in particular on the BNSF Mojave Sub west of Barstow.

      These 2 branches make Mojave much more interesting to say the least.

      The issue is if they don't have that spawn point then we are back to farting around with spawning trains out of Highland which is not as fun.  It's one thing when the traffic bunches up on a 23 MPH section allowing plenty of time to set up meets while your switching your local.  It's another thing to have BNSF & UP split properly at Mojave allowing less meets to take place, and less congestion.  

      The last time I tried running Mojave Sub I ran into this issue, and just having a few industries and branch lines that went no place got old pretty quick.  I got to admit I'm at least slightly interested now that I thought about it some more.

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    • Honestly with my son's issues, and my disappointment in Run8 it's very difficult for me to get excited and support this.

      I'm hearing there are more spawn points.  I'm going to try the update at least and see if I can read the changelog notes.  It's been a long time.



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    • OK looks like the update installed for me here is the change log.  Looks like quite a bit so that is encouraging I'll let you know what spawn points are in shortly.

      Update 08 (Version 05.22.2019) ● Adjusted the Host network code to mitigate a condition that would sometimes cause manual-switches to take a long time to actuate for a user ● Fixed a network inefficiency regarding CTC switch & signal updates, thus reducing the network load a bit ● Fixed dynamic-brakes operating when the Reverser wasn't in FWD or REV ● Added several new AI Spawn Points on the west-coast routes ● Baretable container-cars now properly experience less wind-drag than when loaded with containers ● Signal code-correction for NORAC signals ● Added corrected textures for the windows of the CE11 and C509 Cabeese ● BNSF San Bernardino Sub Sub ◦ Hobart Yard: Fixed the mid-yard dwarf signal so that it displays Restricting when its switch is thrown ● BNSF Bakersfield Sub ◦ Fixed a sometimes-naughty signal at Calabrese, WB Main 2 ◦ Fixed Sunmaid Xing, WB, Siding-exit signal not being “Absolute” ◦ Fixed naughty eastbound signal link at Wasco (west-end) when the signal was set for the siding ◦ Fixed naughty grade-crossing road plates by Sunmaid Crossing ◦ Fixed naughty grade-crossing gates at Calwa Crossing ◦ Fixed naughty EB Signal at Calwa Crossing M1 xover to M2 ◦ Fixed AI not recognizing the EB Main 1 signal at WE Bowles ◦ Fixed naughty yard track at Calwa Yard towards the west end ● BNSF Mojave Sub ◦ Added missing DS switch icon for the branchline switch at CP Gomez

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    • Sean,

      Stream the update and you thoughts on youtube. I miss your videos.

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    • Wow too many to mention as far as spawn points.  As I said before something as simple as this might be enough to get me back into it again.  

      I take back my previous post, this should allow me to get back into things again.

      Now I'm not sure if this will bring me back into MP just yet.  

      To be honest I haven't missed Run8 but I have missed the community.  I'm going to carefully think this over before rushing to buy anything this week.  But the fact that they put in several spawn points including Sanborn WB EB etc. is very encouraging.

      I've been wanting to fix my internet issues for some time, and my son has a broken power adapter for his laptop.  I might stop at Best Buy on Wednesday to see if I can help him, while checking to see if they have an internet booster.

      In the meantime i'm going to have a talk with Mike Rice over at SW.

      I'll give this some careful consideration this week as I need a bit of an escape from reality anyways.

      Perhaps I'll post a YouTube live stream.

      Thanks again for the encouraging news.


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    • I will in a few minutes I need a snack first :)

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    • Definately has some potential.  Again I'll have to evaluate my current projects, and desires.  Lots of strange stuff going on with my son lately so I wouldn't mind figuring out what is happening there.

      This month I will not be available on Monday's and I'm also visiting with him more on other weekdays as well.  In fact I should of thought of that before I got too carried away with thinking I'd run in sessions again because other than Sunday I now see my son for an hour every Monday and Wednesday.  Sunday I often get out of the house and go railfanning.

      So I likely wouldn't be available for MP that often even if I get my interenet up.  I'll just have to decide if single player is worth it.

      I will keep you posted.

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    • I think the new Arvin / Oakcreek Branch is a little pricey. There is only about 25 miles of track. I hope they continue to add a few more shortline branches to this route pack. Maybe more SJVR or Trona territory.

      I do however think Run 8 has been generous with giving us a nice update with the free SJVR skin.

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    • Well I imagine the quality is good, but I haven't dove in just yet.  Got some issues to take care of with my son first.  For me update 8 was a very good move with simple spawn points to help the single players and I do appreciate it.

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    • I'm really sorry that your son is going through a tough time. I hope he feels better soon.

      Your right about the spawn points. It gives alot of options concerning the size and location of operations.

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    • Thanks he is home now.  Hopefully the end of the school year soon will relieve some stress.

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    • Hi, Sean it's been a while, sorry to hear about your son's health problems, I hope he is getting better, stay strong! I did catch your youtube stream 6/6/19. I got a lot of info on the run8v2 update 8 and new branch lines! It sounds and looks good. I've been spending a lot of time in Trainz 2019. The surveyor interface is great for creating world routes, (I like creating routes)...working on the 'Iron Triangle' Fostoria,Ohio. it's a slow process but rewarding, anyways glad to see you energized again for Run8v2, I know how life can kill your passion, and you just need a new spark, I get it! Thanks for the latest Run8v2 review. Thanks Again! Tim

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    • Hi Tim glad to see you still following

      I don't know if I'm totally energized I just need some variety in the things I like.  2019 has not been a great year for me and I've missed out on lots of real world railfanning which likely has contributed to my decline in interest.  Run8's lack of helping my particular needs (obviously I'm just 1 customer) didn't help until they met it with the last update.  Now it works for my needs I think, and there is always room for improvement.  Might do something once a week we will see.

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    • Todays Notice 06/14/19: Run8 has released 2-payware packs. $10.00 each. ________________________________________________________________________________________ NEW! Run8 Mixed Freight Pack 1 is now available! The pack includes four Thrall bulkhead flatcars; 1) pole loads. 2) steel beam loads. 3) pipe loads 4) empty version. Two Greenville 86' 10000 cuft. auto parts cars in NADX and SSW liveries. And also a FGE Reefer car, and a BN shoving platform! ________________________________________________________________________________________ NEW! Run8 Wellcar Pack 3 is now available! The pack includes four different 40ft wellcars with twenty-four different international container load configurations, also four empty versions of the wellcars!

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    • Thanks! I'll have to check it out!

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