• So if anyone seen what appeared to be boring videos or live streams of Stormworks, you probably think I lost my mind.  I don't mind boring tasks if it all serves a purpose.  For now Stormworks is very creative and allows me to interact with the world with both others and my own creations.  It has MP though I haven't tried it yet.

    I haven't done YouTube because of the lack of audience or interest.  I understand some people think they know me, and can predict I'll be in Run8.  I'd ask them to keep that in the other stormworks thread if they want to talk about my predictability.

    For this thread I want to keep this about the actual railroad potential in stormworks and what I have in mind.  For now I continue not to live stream as it's very boring.  But I hope at some point to try a stream and show you what I'm up to.

    This is an early access game, so bugs do happen.  I recently lost a few saves for some reason, and was dealing with some tankers that would load or unload too slow even to my patience and liking.

    I'm currently looking on the workshops for a tanker that will start making me money, but not delaying me too much in port.  I actually do like the break while I load and unload.  The weather conditions change through the day hour by hour, even minute by minute sometimes.  Winds will pick up, waves will start to increase, and suddenly your in a storm.  This is done what I feel very realistically as systems seem to roll through over the course of serveral hours and some times days.  Just like you would expect with passing high and low pressure systems and fronts.

    Anyways I purchased a sea port on the eastern peninsula that has rail access and a large dock.  The rail lines in Stormworks are very simplified plans.  Basically there are about 3 terminals I think (2 in the south, 1 in the arctic, perhaps 2).  All terminals have 4 tracks and a loading unloading area for land vehicles to move on.  The rail network itself is double track and can connect to all terminal tracks.  Each terminal serves as the end of the line.  There is a major double track wye in the south, and a few double track junctions in the north.

    Because oil is much cheaper in the north the plan is to load it on a tanker truck with trailers at the port and avoid using the shipping dock (takes too long and is more expensive to transport south).  Then move the loaded oil tankers to the arctic rail terminal and load the rail cars.

    I have actually already built my own electric engine (yes the physics are not perfect, and it totally runs off a big battery).  I haven't added the diesel engines yet, but they will serve as a generator to charge the batteries up again.  There is radiators, fuel tanks both in game and custom made (which I've done).  Tank cars are pretty easy to make and couplers are done through a magnetic connector which needs power.  You can use solar but magnets take quite a bit of power and drain your batteries quick.

    I plan on having at least 3 of these trucks built with several trailers.  In the arctic I will in single player (or MP with the help of someone else) ferry a truck from the terminal to the port.  Hopefully by the time I do that the other tanks are full and I can exchange them for the trip back to the terminal to load the train keeping me busy. 

    Once I have a full train I would head south.  Takes about 1 hour under most standard engines, and I'm not sure how long it would take with a loaded train or how much power I may need.  Again in MP more than one person can be running trains as it's a double track rail line.  There are no signals, it's fairly boring yet scenic as it's all randomly generated scenery between main islands.  You run on a very long unrealistic curving bridge over islands (yes suspended disbelief but the year is 2067 I think in the game).

    Once I have the tanker train back at the terminal likely backed in from the wye I can then swithc cars for unloading purposes.  Similar tanker trucks would be used and I can then ferry back and forth to an actual tanker ship I was talking about.

    Once the ship is loaded it's off ot the refinery where I will collect a very nice profit.  More money in the game to buy more toys etc.

    Again I'm playing with limited fuel on right now and started with only the max 100,000 

    I have to do varoius missions and find crates to make more money in the interim.  But at least I'm on the way in my career.  

    Again I see this operation much more satisfying and realistic then anything I've done in Run8 in a long time.  That is just me, but I guess it's what floats my boat :)

    Will keep you updated, and hopefully Run8 does the same because I'm still curious what they are up to.



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    • Even did a now rare live stream on it tonight.  Still having fun, and hopefully at some point others will join in on it.

      As for Run8 nothing has changed and my interest had declined further.  If they can come up with new ideas, concepts, and life to their project.  In other words not just say how simple it is to build new spawn points (but add it in for us) then I might give it another go.

      Again as I've always said it's their business.  Got my money a long time ago on it.  But right now I can say the same and then some with Stormworks that I purchased for the price of a 2 person fast food meal.

      Back to the adventure for me.  If you want to see more content on Stormworks let me know.  Otherwise I'll just enjoy my new thing.

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    • Major update #6 now on Stormworks.  They actually have cameras.

      The ideas I'm thinking about now the sky's the limit.  Check this out......

      For the trains side they have radio controlled switch machines on channel 440

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    • Glad to see ED updated.

      Still loving what I'm doing 

      For now.....

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