• It seems like RTS Server has been really quiet since Version II was released. There was rumors of RTS2 eventually coming down the pipe... Is there and idea when that's going to take place or is RTS server & its community seized?

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    • I stopped running sessions I think last year and joined the former RTS server (SW) instead.  However I haven't done anything with Run8 in the past couple of months or so.  I'm waiting to see if some updates make Run8 interesting again for single players as I have a poor internet connection now.

      AS for RTS2 it's always possible but Run8 V3 was originally planned to arrive in the new year.  Still not sure what is going on with it.  But I do follow what is happening as much as I can.  Seems to me the info coming from Run8 itself is almost as quite (considering I don't run a company for sales).

      Anyways thanks for posting.

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