• So I started tonight to get back into Mojave and there is going to be a bit of a set-up period.  I used an old save, but it appears that the save files may either have been changed from previous versions I ran.  The new update did not overwrite anything that I can tell (but I should of backed up regardless).

    I will look into these backups and see what I have from the Mojave projects in the past.  Until then I'm open for others if they are creating a world.  I'm mainly interesting in Mojave but open to others like SJVR.  I don't want to run a huge area and would perfer to keep it single player friendly.

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    • As much as I want to I'm just not feeling it.  If you seen my last YouTube I got quiet.  I made a post of all things over on Train-Sim and perhaps I'll do another YouTube video to explain how I feel on Monday night.

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