• Hi Sean -

    There has been discussion about this in the past online - but I don't think it ever made it to the forums here.

    There may be a typo with the EW symbol... With its current routing, I think it is supposed to be EU (for Eugene, OR instead of Englewood, TX).  Unless the routing is incorrect - then it should be a Cajon train (in and out from Yuma Sub).

    When doing an online search, I'm getting hits for both EU and EW trains (to and from WC).  Most recent returns show the EW as a 'Q' train (Quality Manifest).  Though I don't think the EU still runs - from what I found, it became the WCCO (to CORP - Central Oregon and Pacific interchange in Eugene)... don't see anything recent on it though so it may be discontinued.

    I don't know how changing the routing for the WCEW/EWWC to run thru the Yuma Sub would affect RTS operations.  The EWWC would need to be moved to the 'Cajon' tab in the registry, and the WCEW would need to reflect the updated destination.  The EWWC wouldn't need as much power as it wouldn't be running over Mojave.  Looks like the WCEW outbounds come from the NP, LV and YS trains. I do not know where YS is (unless it's a generic for Yuma Sub trains), so I don't know if it's prototypical for cars for EW to come in to WC for YS - just go to back that direction.

    If it indeed is supposed to go to Eugene, OR, then the tags need to be updated across the board.

    Thank you.

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    • Yeah it's something that can be added to the To Do section if you get a chance.  As far as I know this is Eugene Oregon and it was a typo in the data I was given.

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    • Copy - thanks. Added to the To Do List.

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    • Thanks if I follow it should be in place by next cycle.

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