• OK again no yard procedures set up for this as of yet.  However I'm looking for the total amount of time for all operations involved.  If you want to use the Boron Power right out of the office area by all means do so.  On your way through there are some tagged cars in R5 that you will need to take to build.  From there you will want to head over to the Old Yard.  There are about 4 cars in track 2 that need to come back to Local Yard.  Once in Local Yard it's pretty much finding the BOR BOR(NA) stuff, building it up, and either releasing it or running it yourself.

    Again take your time, it's all about the challenge and the fun.  The cycle allows this to be done over the course of 3 days if it's on time, if not oh well no big deal.

    Please record all total time on this job.  If your intersted in this job and want to run it in the next few days by all means post a message here to bid on it, and hopefully others will honor your bid.  There are plenty of locals available at this time.

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    • Boron Build commenced 0600 AST

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    • Departing BAR 0715

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    • Arrived Boron 0800. switching underway

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    • Switching complete 0915. headed back to BAR

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    • Job complete 1000 AST 4.0 Hours

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    • Awesome exactly what I was looking for and even a little more.  I adjusted Boron from 3 to 4 hours beause of this data.  I wonder what they would do in the next 4 hours?  Anyone have any ideas on that one?  I could see possibly helping out at BAR as a 2nd crew perhaps from 0930 to 1330.  Would love to here from some people that know.  Cadiz would be it's own beast as it takes a long time.

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    • Extend the Boron Local with a work permit from time to time pulling cars MJ,LP,OC, etc. to MJ with UP Interchange & bring back BNSF bnd traffic. That's not unheard of, &, certainly realistic enough to add another relm of enjoyment.

      Same type of situation once at BAR the crew could be called into service, travel out to Newberry Industries, thus. allowing the other local. CDZ. to keep on the move further to the east at times. when. perhaps that trn grows larger than a normal days worth of work, saves having to stop as often, &, get going again.

      Same situation could fall into place from time to time traveling down & back from the VIC area

      Break them up, Locals, are often called into other areas, sometimes daily, at times, several times a day, weekly, etc.. They at times can, &, do pair locals into one, preforming a whole slew of work together within a given region...

      Anyways, plenty of options, &, still feel very real, should spark some ideas. The wonderful thing about locals, each day is usually something the normal crew wasn't planning for... Be it work itself, or having troublesome eng(s) to work with til the shop can get to it/them.

      Real, I've been assigned over the yrs, our normal local, only to find that day, going to be sitting 8+ hrs, on a spur moving cars a few inches at a time, whiles someone unloads bottom dumps onto a conveyor, oh joy!....

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    • Interesting post and yeah that could be an option.  I'd even post that in the suggestions or Suggestions & Research with alink back to this forum thread.  Basically the crew got back in 4 hours so he is back to BAR for this cycle.  

      I'm going to deal with things like BAR Yard first and see what the timing is like here.  My thought was having him come back on dutry at 0930 until 1230 I assume they get 30 minute lunches or is it an hour?  I know some crews run more than 8 our of yard service as well.  

      If the crew is twiddling it's thumbs I'll find something for it to do like Newburry.  I'm very excited to see how things work out in Barstow this cycle.  

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    • Speaking of Barstow Bear where did the post go of the work you were doing.  I still want to count it as crew time on today.  I seen the post earlier when you started but it got removed.  Feel free to post it back or let me know of the total amount of time and I'll figure it in.

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    • Actually, I am in favor of culling out the cars in BAR for OC,LP and Teh and making them part of what is now the Boron Local makes good sense. Renaming it the BNSF Mojave Local would be, IMO, appropriate. Adding two more SD's for a total of 5 would also be IMO appropriate.

      Hear me out for a sec.

      Right now we lift *some* cars out of BAK for BAR, 5 SD40's handled the load nicely.

      • If* we were to adopt this plan, the only thing BARBAK would have to do is (1) pickup anything that MOJ generated for BAK and (2) take the remainder (originally tagged for BAK) to BAK. Likewise, the only thing that BAKBAR would have to do is go directly to BAR. The Mojave Local would handle anything between BAR - MOJ - BAR, like the UP Mojave Flyer.
      • On* the subject of the Mojave Flyer, I would like to strongly suggest that this train be instituted as well, taking some of the lifts off of BKWC and WCBK, which while they have been hadling the traffic thus far, the WCBK portion is growing to a very large size. Last WCBK took six big units, and we had wanted these runs to be in the hands of the SD's. Instituting the Mojave Flyer on the UP side WC-MOJ-WC would solve all these issues.

      Like i said, I would strongly prefer all these trains to be kept in the hands of the SD's. Splitting the Mojave Local and the Mojave Flyer off of the big trains would, IMO do exactly that.

      A copy and paste of this is going to the suggestions board.

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