• Actually, I am in favor of culling out the cars in BAR for OC,LP and Teh and making them part of what is now the Boron Local makes good sense. Renaming it the BNSF Mojave Local would be, IMO, appropriate. Adding two more SD's for a total of 5 would also be IMO appropriate. 

    Hear me out for a sec.

    Right now we lift *some* cars out of BAK for BAR, 5 SD40's handled the load nicely.

    *If* we were to adopt this plan, the only thing BARBAK would have to do is (1) pickup anything that MOJ generated for BAK and (2) take the remainder (originally tagged for BAK) to BAK. Likewise, the only thing that BAKBAR would have to do is go directly to BAR. The Mojave Local would handle anything between BAR - MOJ - BAR, like the UP Mojave Flyer.

    *On* the subject of the Mojave Flyer, I would like to strongly suggest that this train be instituted as well, taking some of the lifts off of BKWC and WCBK, which while they have been hadling the traffic thus far, the WCBK portion is growing to a very large size. Last WCBK took six big units, and we had wanted these runs to be in the hands of the SD's. Instituting the Mojave Flyer on the UP side WC-MOJ-WC would solve all these issues.

    Like i said, I would strongly prefer all these trains to be kept in the hands of the SD's. Splitting the Mojave Local and the Mojave Flyer off of the big trains would, IMO do exactly that.

    A copy and paste of this is going to the suggestions board.


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    • I think many of these ideas are good.  For now I'm going to hold off on them of course at the very least until next cycle if not 52.  No promises what I try to incorporate either but Mojave Flyer is something that definately would be a possibility.  As far as I know Mojave Flyer is prototypical.  I thought Scott SMRY had mentioned something about Boron doing this before as well.  Perhaps he can key in if he is watching.

      The other thing I've been thinking about doing is having more UP trains work Bakersfield.  It's not really needed as much on the BNSF side due to Barstow.

      I'm going to edit the suggestion file.  This is something again that anyone can do and link it to a thread like this.  

      For now I want to get the timing of some of our other stuff down like Barstow and SJVR.  These are priority for me at the moment.  We have also been pushing back Victorville for way too long but all the new stuff through a monkey wrench in the works.  I also want to make sure we fix the stuff we know needs work and then push the envelope a bit more with the suggestions here.

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    • Whle I was editing the suggestions I noticed that we already have a suggestion on the Mojave Flyer.  I added this one regardless.  Check out the Suggestions & Research which is also available in the menu at the top.  Again this is something if you have other suggestions that anyone can add to and edit.

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    • Gosh... I hadn't noticed UP MJ Flyer had died... I recall early days of RTS server being inplace, seems we were operating turn from Yermo. Yes had suggested BNSF BORX Local extend its trip out to MJ from time to time, long ago, just refreshed the topic a day or two ago.

      On the subject of UP MJ Flyer this trn would also handle pulling BNSF bnd traffic from MJ itself & either be allowed to setout at BAR, &, or, pull to Yermo where BNSF interchange could happen, &, or, UP local travel back to BAR with any, &, all, BNSF interchange, &, pickup any UP interchange having been set aside.

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    • We would still need somthing for WCLBAR BARWCL.  As far as I know the Mojave Flyer is a train in and out of West Colton.  I took the link you had above and linked it to the Suggestions & Research page.  Those are were I need it the most if I'm going to have time to make changes and decide what I can do, or pass on.

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