1) Once your membership is confirmed you will have access to the trains section.  Here is where you will get the IP addresses and latest password to the servers.

2) As mentioned in the procedures it is required that all members who wish to access the servers log in to the website.  This is where you will also see a list of available trains from various locations.  The list is NOT ALWAYS UP TO DATE and is further updated by the registry.

3) Trains listed in this section are the only ones available to run on the servers.  Their availability depends on what has been completed in the cycle.  You can simply take one of the trains as a crew change from a siding.  You can also take over a train that is set for departure in a yard.  You can also download and spawn a train from a point of origin.  Finally switching opportunities are also available for yard switchers.  Not all yards have switching at all times, again based on the progress of the cycle.  All trains are custom generated and contain a wide array of IM, manifest, through and local traffic.  Keep in mind a few mainline trains may require work at yards as noted in the train list. This is also where you will find out where your train terminates.  Those trains requiring inspection at Barstow inspection yard are listed as INS yes.  Download links are available to be added to your trains folder to be spawned in on the servers.

4) The registry is where you and other members share your progress on the servers.  If you intend to take a train or yard job, simply take control of the lead unit on the server, and post a registry message of the train and that you are departing a certain location (or working a yard or local).  Please also check the registry as it may include updates to a train in progress to what is shown in the train list.

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