RTS Tutorials are detailed instructions for operation yards, trains, local jobs, etc. The tutorials include pictures, videos and other reference materials. Click on the choices below to learn more!

Barstow Tutorial - Detailed instructions and videos describing RTS Ops in Barstow

Train Spawn Tutorial - Instructions on how to download and spawn a train in RTS

Administration Tutorial - Both an administration tutorial and a behind the scenes look at what our admins do

Software Tutorial - How to make the most out of the RTS software for single player and/or your own servers

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  • How To Identify Trains

    2 messages
    • This is just a video I posted up for those new who are not sure how to identify trains on the server.  It also mentions not to trust the regis...
    • Thanks again for your work Sean. Its always appreciated.
  • How to YM, Trim, and work as a team in Barstow

    3 messages
    • Watched all 3 during lunch today. Really cool getting to see what you were doing on Trim while I was running Hump. New microphone sounds grea...
    • Cool glad you liked it.  Still have to work on the 5 part Bakersfield where I get annoyed at poor Airhog.  
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