UFTHBAR Instructions by RXRBEAR (Modified with TD3 data by Sean)

1. Train will spawn in Needles and travel Westward to Barstow.

2. Upon arrival at Barstow, please inbound the train on Main 1 or Main 2. Do not inbound the train to the arrival yard. Take the BNSF power to the BAR Engine Facility. Show the train as crew changed at BAR only if you can't run the next section.

3. Proceed to UP Yermo. There you will find power marked up for UBAYR. Proceed light engine from Yermo to Barstow and pickup the consist. Show the UFTHBAR train as departing from BAR only if this is a new crew.

4. Upon arriving at Yermo, delete *only* the cars, retaining the engines in Yermo. Show the UFTHBAR deleted in Yermo.

5. There is no registry entry required for UBAYR as this train could be used multiple times. All registry entries go under UFTHBAR when required.

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