This Unit Train is a bit of a unusual operation. The steps are easy:

(1) It originates in Needles and is taken to Barstow to *arrive* on either M1 or M2 (*not* the Arrival Yard)

(2) BNSF Power is removed when it arrives and is taken to the BNSF Barstow Servicing Facilities. Please show the trains registry to reflect "arriving" either M1 or M2 (whichever you select)

(3) Proceed to UP Yermo Yard. There you will find 5 SD40's marked up for the UBAYR.

(5)Run these UP engines light to BNSF Barstow Yard and pickup the UFTHBAR1 consist of cars from either M1 or M2 where you originally spotted them.

(6)Haul the consist to Yermo Yard. Upon arrival, separate the UP power from the cars and delete *ONLY* the cars. The power stays on in Yermo Yard for the next cycle.

(7) Shut your power down and show the UFTHBAR1 as deleted in Yermo Yard.

That is it! Simple, easy, and something little different to do.

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