01-28-2016 02.27.23

The UP line to Fresno on the UP Fresno Sub is 9 miles north of UP Bakersfield Mojave Sub. Though the last speed restriction in the sim showed 20 MPH coming into Bakersfield and Run8Depot maps don't confirm this I've been told that a 50 MPH zone starts just north of the yard.

Because this latest update was added after the last version of External Dispatcher you will need to line the signals north out of Bakersfield via the F3 dispatch screen. Dispatcher and operators would then need to restore these signals back to stop after the run.

The signal at the end of the line shown here is a lunar white restricting signal. By definition you would already be below 30 MPH on the last approach signal (see SHIFT F3 for signal rules) preparing to stop here. You can either stop and delete or let your train run to the end of the track then delete. Be sure to add a delete entry in the registry.

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