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Speed Limit Edit

All tracks within Yermo Yard are 10 MPH. This includes the Yard Lead.

Main Lines Edit

When completing work or an EB thru train is scheduled to come through, make sure switches are aligned so EB traffic on Main 2 can connect to 2 Runner and off the route.

Receiving Yard Edit

Tracks 201-203 will be used as Receiving Yard tracks. Currently the only traffic that will be coming into the Receiving Yard is unit grain trains for the Yermo Grain Transload (YGT) facility and Nebo cars.

Departure Yard Edit

Tracks 101-105 will be used as Departure Yard tracks.

Yermo Grain Transload (YGT) Facility Edit

Tracks 005-008 are set as YGT industry tracks. Tracks 005-006 are for Grain Hoppers. 29 cars will fit on 005 and 24 cars will fit on 006. Tracks 007-008 are for Baretables (these should technically be empty containers but empty containers in Run8 are baretables). 16 cars will fit on 007 and 15 cars will fit on 008.

Tracks 001-004 will be used as YGT storage tracks for any excess Grain Hoppers and Baretables. If excess cars exceed the limits of these 4 tracks, the rest can be stored in Receiving Yard.

Nebo Logistics Operations Edit

This operation is still in planning stages. Below is basic plan.

Yermo will notify Nebo when they have cars to deliver to them. Nebo Switcher(Y-NLNL) will pull cars in Nebo and set out on W/E M3 between Nebo handthrows. Nebo will inform Yermo that cars are ready for pickup. Yermo Local(L-YRYR) will set out pickups for Nebo Switcher on E/E M3 between Nebo handthrows and pick up cars from Switcher on W/E M3, then head back to Yermo. Yermo will then inform Nebo that cars are ready for pickup on M3. Yermo switcher(Y-NLNL) will pickup those cars and setout to appropriate locations in Nebo.

Nebo Track Assignments Edit

  • There are 2 tracks next to Warehouse 1. These tracks are designated for Covered Hoppers.
  • Track 4c is designated for Gondolas.
  • Track 7 next to Warehouses 2, 3, and 4 are designated for Refrigerator Cars.
  • Track 7 next to Warehouses 5 and 6 are designated for Boxcars.
  • Tracks 8 and 9 east of the last switch are designated for Piggyback Cars.
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