The US Borax Jobs are tagged and released by a YM or Admin. Users are *not* to tag at US Borax. Once the Release occurs, a user can move forward with the work. In the picture below, please see a view of the US Borax Plant. From the left going to the right, the Tracks are: "Fence Track" and "Yard Tracks 1-6". Track assignments are: The Fence Track (to the left) is for inbound and outbound pickups by the Boron Road Job., Track 1 is for boxcar storage, track 2 is for Acid Tank storage, track 3 is for Hopper storage, track 4 is for sorting/overflow car storage, track 5 is for outbound car storage and track 6 is for loading by the Plant personnel.

10-19-2016 15.05.16

US BORAX 1: Couple together loaded cars on 6 track and move to 5 track. Locate cars on 1,2 and 3 track tagged "6". Pickup boxcars on 1, acid tanks on 2 and hoppers on 3 track in that order. Set out these cars on 6 track with the hoppers under the loader, place a car length between the hoppers and acid tanks, setting them out and then place a car length between the acid tanks and the boxcars and finally a car length between the boxcars and the power. Should look like this: hoppers>car length>acid tanks>car length, boxcars> car length and the power.

US Borax 2: Exactly the same as US BORAX 1.

US Borax 3: is different at the end of the trick. Same as US BORAX 1 & 2 *except* that upon completion of that work, proceed to the Fence Track and pull that cut, sorting the empty cars into 1,2 & 3 tracks according to type and track assignment. Once that is complete, pull 5 track and set it over to the Fence Track for the Boron Road Job to handle.

These job are not timed but Registry entries are required showing "work" and "complete" at the Boron Yard.

US BORAX 1 & 2 are typically less than 30 minutes. US BORAX 3 is typically 45 minutes to an hour.

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