VV Cement Info and suggested changes

This info is dated but might prove illuminating. This gent was (is?) a Cemex employee of some sort.

He states on a Discussion Board:

"There is a plant in Victorville, Ca and it's current name is Cemex. It used to be Southwest Portland Cement, then Southdown Cement. There was a major upgrade to our plant 3 years ago in order to get in compliance with environmental issues as well as the capability to produce a larger amount.We load 40-50 railcars per day out of this facility and ship them via the BNSF to our terminals in Phoenix, Az., Sacramento and San Diego Ca.. We also load 200-300 trucks per day for local shipments. Last year we produced over 3 million tons and shipped over 3 million tons. For the last 6 years, we have been selling cement faster than we can make it."

Now, all this being the case, this service could be widely expanded IMO.

MWCLBAR could set out the VV Empties and pickup the outbounds for BAR. (Phoenix - I would *strongly* suggest implementing UVVCPHX on a daily basis and taking it away from Cadiz - Per the A&C General Manager, there are no weight restrictions on the road and havent been for a very long time now ), Sacramento (Going out on MBARSTO) and the other destinations already in the system (or, with these new destinations and trains, changing the existing tags to the new destinations instead)

MBARSDG could pickup several SDG loads and take them down the hill.

This reduces traffic in BAR receiving while adding to main line trains activities (I believe that there was a request to increase main trains with work enroute).

This would give the VV Local the opportunity to not only switch Cemex, but quite possibly some other industries in the area you had been thinking about. More available switching as well as new car destinations! The road jobs could set out/pick up for the VV Local as well!

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