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Vulcan Rock is located between Wash and Phelan on the UP Mojave Sub. The industry consists of a loader track, stub track and siding.

A RVUVU (UP Rock Train, Vulcan-Sun Valley, CA to Vulcan-Palmdale, CA) will be manually spawned by an Admin or Yardmaster in the Vincent Siding. Train will consist of 66 empty ballast hoppers, SPMW livery, with 2x2 power.

Train will run north from Vincent to Palmdale, switch ends, then south from Palmdale to Vulcan.

Upon arrival at Vulcan, train can be setout in the siding, power removed and tied down at the end of the stub track that runs along the loader track. Vulcan Switcher (a lone GP40) will grab 11 empties at a time, and spot them on the loader track. Once loaded, cars can be pulled and set aside as they fit, or back to the siding, then spot another 11 empties on the loader track. Repeat this process for six tricks until there are 66 loads.

When ready, an Admin or Yardmaster will issue a build order for the RVUVU. At this point, the train can be built in a 2x66x2 configuration, and released. The train will then run north to Palmdale, switch ends, then run south through Vincent and off territory.

Once the train has left the territory, an Admin or Yardmaster can build and spawn a new RVUVU to repeat this process.

When working the Vulcan job, make a forum post entry in the UP West Colton forum, indicating that the job is on duty/off duty, and a brief note as to the work performed.

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